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About Us

About us:

The digitalization of the information and the further development of globalized economy is initiated in the 5G era.

E-Commerce in international trade has become a key of influence in increase of the prominent and it has become a global export trade market trend.

The Internet is no longer just a communication device in 5G era, but it is an important tool to drive the global economy.

Online shopping platforms are the most profitable among the five major types of mobile applications for global users. e-Profit is committed to becoming Africa’s top order matching platform in the smart cloud with 5G cloud technology as the core function. e-Profit cooperates with major e-commerce platform merchants and specializes in the promotion and marketing of agricultural products, connecting producers, farms to markets and increasing sales volume of wholesale merchants registered with us.

We connect farmers, wholesalers on varying levels and wholesalers to potential buyers and end consumers on a digital market as well purchasing agricultural products on large scale and sell to customers or buyers.

e-Profit links supply and demand in the agri-food sector. It also provides order matching technology and services for merchants on the global e-commerce platform. Not only that, rapidly increase the sales of the major products on the merchant platform to create a good reputation for e-commerce merchants.

e-Profit is headquartered in Africa, Nigeria precisely, yet to have branches around the world. It proves to cooperate with wholesale merchants around the world to help them improve their sales data and popularity in Nigeria.


  • *   Facilitate exchanges between supply and demand as well as improving sales volume for agro wholesale merchants amidst others;
  • *   Delivering best production quality to buyers;
  • *   Serve as intermediary between producers and consumers;
  • *   Reduce post-production losses for registered wholesale merchants with us;
  • *   Boost agricultural development in African regions;
  • *   Improve ease of transports of materials and the likes of agri-food products;
  • *   Ensuring goods and food security.

How It Works

It is an application that allows you to provide a positive rating and review to sellers and this action may increase their sales volume and brand awareness.

For a reward, they will payout commission to users of e-Profit who help them to rate and review their products. Users of e-Profit are just providing review and rating of the product but not purchasing the product, therefore users of e-Profit will not receive any goods.